Of Masks and Shards

Masquerade, paper faces on parade.
Masquerade hide your face
so the world will never
find you...

I've been experimenting. These are the results. 

This week was an experiment in both colour (I like blue at the moment, have you noticed?) and technique, and I was fully expecting to not get any pictures I liked but that's what my mission to create consistently is all about. I want to learn new things and create outside of my comfort zone - even if I don't create the best work I've ever released, I am creating something. I've often gotten stuck because I've not let myself be messy and imperfect. I'm trying to do that now. 

I recently bought a couple of little prisms to shoot through, they're a bit too small to use properly with my camera (they work much better with my phone), which I discovered with the help of the ever-patient other half when I tested them out. I thought I'd still share the results here though - it would be a shame not to. 

Excuse me while I find a bigger prism.